How to Transfer PS4 Recording to PC [ Detailed Guide ]

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is a powerful console with many features, one of which is the ability to record gameplay footage. If you’re like most gamers, you may want to transfer those Transfer PS4 Recordings to PC so you can share them online or keep them for later viewing.

If you’re like most gamers, you’ve probably recorded some of your best PS4 moments to share with friends or just to keep as a memento. But what if you want to view those clips on your PC? It’s actually pretty simple to do.

Here we have listed the easiest ways to transfer ps4 recording to pc in 2022.

Configure Video Settings 

Configure Video Settings

Before you begin transferring your PS4 recordings to your PC, make sure that the video settings on your console are configured correctly. To do this, go to Settings > System and scroll down to ‘Video Output Settings‘. Here, you can select the resolution that you want your videos to be recorded in (720p or 1080p), as well as the frame rate (30fps or 60fps).

Start Playing the Gameplay

Start Playing the Gameplay

Once your video settings are configured, start playing the game that you want to record. Playstation 4 will autosave the gameplay for about 15 minutes. To switch to the other recordings just press the ‘Share‘ button on your controller and choose what you want to record.

Start a new Recording of the Gameplay

Start a new recording of the Gameplay

You can start a new recording by simply pressing the ‘Share‘ button on your controller and then selecting ‘Create New Recording’. Here you can choose to record for a specific duration of time (1, 3, 5, or 10 minutes), or until you press the ‘Share‘ button again.

you can share the recording to your friends directly from the PS4 console using any of these supported sharing options: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Twitch. If you want to put the recordings on your PC instead,

Edit the Video Clips

Edit the Video Clips

After the recording is complete, you will be taken to the Share menu where you can edit your video. Here you can trim the beginning and end of the video, as well as add audio commentary using a microphone.

Editing the video is not strictly necessary, but it is a good idea if you want to remove any mistakes or errors that may have occurred during the gameplay.

Share your Gameplay on Social Media

Share your Gameplay on Social Media

Once you are happy with your video, you can share it on social media by selecting the ‘Share‘ button and then choosing the desired platform.
Sharing the gameplay on social media is very easy, and can help you to reach a wider audience.

Transferring PS4 Recording to PC

Transferring ps4 Recording to PC

The easiest way to transfer your PS4 recordings to your PC is by using USB storage. Simply connect the USB storage to your PS4 and open the ‘Capture Gallery‘. Here you will find all of your gameplay recordings.

Select the video that you want to transfer and press the ‘Copy’ button. The video will now be copied to your USB Drive.

Once the video has been copied to your USB storage, you can connect it to your PC and view the recording.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I export video clips from PS4?

To export video clips from your PS4, first, open the Share menu by pressing the Share button on your controller. From here, select “Export Video Clip.” You’ll then be able to choose which video clip you want to export and where you want to save it. Once you’ve made your selection, press ” Export.” Your video clip will begin exporting and will be saved to the selected location when it’s finished.

Can you save PS4 clips to USB Stick?

Yes, you can save PS4 clips to a USB drive. To do so, simply go to the Settings menu and select “Storage”. From there, select “Copy to USB Storage Device” and choose the clips you want to transfer. Once the transfer is complete, you can eject the USB drive and view the clips on your PC or other compatible devices. Note that some PS4 games may not support this feature, so be sure to check before trying to save any clips.

How do I upload PS4 videos to youtube?

First, make sure that your PS4 is set up for sharing. To do this, go to Settings > Sharing and Broadcasting and make sure that the Share button is enabled.
Next, find the video you want to share on your PS4 and press the Share button. This will bring up a list of options including Upload Video Clip. Select this option and then choose which account you want to upload the video too – either your personal YouTube account or one of your business channels. The video will then be processed and uploaded.

How do I upload PS4 videos to twitch?

There are a few ways to do this. You can either use a capture card to record your gameplay on your PS4 and then upload the video directly to Twitch, or you can use some streaming software like OBS or XSplit to broadcast your gameplay live while it is happening.

Can you get clips on the PS4 app?

Yes, you can get clips on the PS4 app. You can either browse for existing clips or create your own. To browse for existing clips, simply go to the ‘Explore’ tab and select ‘Clips’. This will bring up a list of popular and recent clips.

How do I transfer videos from PS4 to iPhone?

The best way to transfer videos from your PS4 to your iPhone is to use a video cable. Connect one end of the video cable to the PS4 and the other end to your iPhone. You can then transfer videos by selecting them on your PS4 and choosing the “Copy” option. Once they’re copied, you can access them in the Photos app on your iPhone.


There are many different ways to transfer PS4 recordings to your PC. Whether you use a USB storage device or streaming software like OBS or XSplit, the process is relatively simple and straightforward. Just be sure to choose a method that works best for you, and you’ll be able to easily share your gameplay clips with friends, family, or online audiences.